Pushing the limits of science
to revolutionize healthcare

We believe in the power of medical innovation to improve patients’ lives. Our long track record of working across the challenges of the Life Sciences industry allows us to empower founders with strategic advice, access to a global network of experts and financial resources to drive healthcare impact worldwide.

We strive for lasting impact

Healthcare impact

Driven by the philanthropic values of ”la Caixa” Foundation, we invest in Life Science companies developing breakthrough solutions for highly unmet medical needs and with the potential to transform patients’ lives.

We provide patient capital

Patient capital

Improving healthcare and people's wellbeing requires a long-term horizon, sustainable growth and high risk tolerance. Our open-ended funding allows us to support companies through patient capital investments to maximize social impact alongside financial returns.

We are experienced strategic partners

Expert partnership

Motivated by the common purpose of bringing in life-changing treatments for patients, we adopt a collaborative approach to establish enduring partnerships with our portfolio companies. Throughout this journey, our team remains committed to leveraging our sector-relevant expertise and extensive international network.